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Project Details

The Ghost Hunters- A painter's dream, like a frozen page from an Agatha Christie novel, the use of props and pose made this an unforgettable painting to work on. Oil on board 150/100cm, £2100

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Sunday in bed- Great light and an interesting perspective from above, this little painting exudes personality. Oil on board 30/21cm, £300

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Marion- Simple but powerful, this monochrome illustration shakes of unnecessary complexity and focuses only on the sitter. Pencil on a painted page of an old book 23/17cm, £200

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The Hartley's- A wedding memory and the first time I've had to paint a neon sign! Oil on board 85/60cm, £1200

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Maker Details

My sixteen year old self would be very proud, flicking through art books stuffed with work from Euan Uglow, Lucien Freud and Jenny Saville, he dreamed of being a portrait artist.  Well here it is, it took a lot longer than he originally thought!

Portraits are something I really fell for when studying art, there’s an intangible power and intimacy to them.  Even without meeting many of my subjects a relationship is inevitably built when you are staring at their image for hour on end.  You get to know the ins and outs of their face, what makes them, them, it’s magical to see their essence appear from a blank canvas.

I work mainly in oils or pencil for my portraits, there’s something very personal about both mediums.