Portraits from photo of Children, adults and pets

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Child portrait painting from photo, children portrait commissions traditionally hand drawn and handpainted in pastels

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child portrait painting from photo, kids portraits family portrait commission

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child portrait from photo

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dog portrait painting in oil pastels, pet portrait from photo

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I am Alessandra, classically trained Italian artist and I love my job! I attended Gazzola Art school in my hometown and Cova Art institute in Milano and I have been successfully working as  a portrait artist ever since.

For over 15 years I have assisted and helped my lovely clients all over the world to surprise their close ones with a beautiful hand drawn or hand painted portrait of their children, family members or pets.

As a portrait artist, my main focus –  besides achieving an excellent likeness – is to capture the subject’s unique personality  in a realistic, soft and painterly style.

Through my portraits, I  aim to express the natural beauty that is inside each person or pet, that makes each one unique.

I find there is so much more in a portrait than just  a physical  likeness… the sweet innocence of a child, the hidden memories of an adult, the emotions expressed through the eyes, or a gesture, to be captured in a painting that unlike photos,  will be cherished forever.

I paint in many different mediums, such as acrylics on canvas, charcoal and sepia pencils on paper, although I favour pastels – both the dry and the oil ones – for their luminosity and sparkle while reflecting light, just like diamonds.

I find they are most suited to delicately render either realistic skin tones or pet’s fur, to capture the expression and spirit of children, adults and pets with a unique luminous quality and ability to capture any  nuance in a delicate, yet vibrant tone that is quite distinctive of my portraits and also because of their archival quality, which makes them an ideal medium for a painting that is supposed to last through generations as a family heirloom;

Whether you desire a portrait of yourself, a dear friend, family member or pet, I would love the opportunity to create a fine art pastel portrait for you, to enjoy and cherish forever.