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Running Horse – Steel Grey.
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Running Horse – Steel Grey. by Holly Bennett


Sculpture, Subject: Animals and birds, Expressive and gestural style, From a limited edition of 24, Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, Ready to hang, Size: 16 x 13 x 6.5 cm, Materials: resin






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A lively and vibrant Steel Grey horse cantering through our world. A small-scale equestrian sculpture with a strong sense of life and movement, perfect to brighten-up your desk or mantlepiece. I love horses for their beauty and integrity. To me they represent something that is different from us humans, being entirely embodied and instinctual, but available for us to connect with because of their enormous generosity. They allow us to work with them to build relationships, and I always find that awe-inspiring and such a great privilege. I feel driven to make sculpture of horses, and I very naturally use their beautiful form as a way to represent feelings and emotions. It is as if their expressive bodies communicate the subtleties of our inner lives better than it would be possible to put into words. I began making this sculpture by modelling with wax onto a wire armature, or framework. Then I moulded and cast it using an innovative technique that I have pioneered, so that the finished sculpture is made of a beautiful British eco-resin that is distinctive and affordable. This striking contemporary material enables me to create the vivacious semi-translucent blue colour, and allows for interesting glimpses through to the armature, or internal structure of the sculpture. The material is semi-translucent and slightly metallic-looking, but it is not a highly metallic surface. The sculpture is for sale as a limited edition of 24, and is mounted on a semi-translucent, almost black, flat acrylic base. It is 16cm long, 13cm tall, and 6.5cm wide including the base. It is initialled on the inside of the left hind hoof, and comes with a signed letter of authentication stating its edition number. Although this sculpture looks delicate it is actually much more robust than it appears, and can withstand small knocks and movements in the home. Being made in a light-weight material, it weighs less than half a kilo and is easy to transport and move about. I package it in a sturdy cardboard box and it travels very well by courier. Running Horse ƒ?? Steel Grey is beautiful to live with, and provides a moment of warmth and pleasure as you glimpse it running across your furniture, allowing a brief replenishment away from the rest of the day. There are more horses in this series coming soon. See my further listings for other sculptures, and please feel free to send me a message with any questions. There is a ƒ??Contact Meƒ? button next to the ƒ??Follow Meƒ? button under my profile images. You can see pictures of me casting sculpture in the ƒ??Me at Workƒ? section of my Profile. Thank you so much for your interest in my work.