Sculptures & Carvings

Project Details

Make a Wish, 2018: A life size ballgown consisting of over 2000 origami cranes. Height: 170cm

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Makeawish detail

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Small carvings

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Ceramic vase

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Maker Details

My most ambitious and complicated works have always been in the realm of sculpture and 3D design as I enjoy engaging with the complex nature of the challenges it presents, especially when working with multiple materials. Whether I am working with ceramics, wood, metal, paper or a combination of any of these, my goal is to explore the limits of what these materials will do and how they behave when combined into one object.

As with my jewellery, my sculptures are designed with a focus on sustainability and reusing materials- hence why ‘Make a Wish’, a dress constructed from over 2000 origami cranes, is made using recycled and unused paper from previous projects. Wire, wood and other materials are all collected from unwanted timber, electronics and other scrapped objects.