Steampunk Meets Cocktail

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custom cut garnet in steampunk ring

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Studded ring with opal triplet

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Tourmaline Ring in bronze Claws

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Rose gold and white gold diamond engagement ring

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Maker Details

Meet the lovechild between big and beautiful gemstones and the juicy details of the steampunk genre!

Using steampunk, grunge, and industrial themes along with contrasting metals, including alternative metals like brass, bronze and copper, in conjunction with more traditional silvers and golds, gives me a huge range of design possibilities.

Rings like this beg for compliments and cannot go unnoticed.

I am always happy to set a stone belonging to the customer, or provide a stone from my own stock.  If needed I can also source a suitable gemstone from one of my many suppliers in the gemstone industry.

You provide the details like ring size, metal preferences and gemstone needs, as well as some input on the design, and I will provide the rest.  I’ll be asking questions about specifics that you may or may not already know, such as ring size, metal type, gemstone size/shape, type and color. The more input and feedback you can offer the better. Anything you don’t know I can help to fill in the gaps.
The design will be created for you in a 3d digital format along with a final quote so you’ll be able to preview the project before paying, and make changes along the way for a truly personalized piece.