Upcycled Reclaimed Flip flop Sculptures

Project Details

Life Size for Honda - We create one-of-a-kind pieces for individuals, businesses, and organizations that are as unique as we are! At Ocean Sole, we strive to work with our partners and customers to create a customised unique experience for themselves, their clients or their patrons.

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Shark Phone Holder Flip Flop Sculpture £30

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2 2.5 Meter Free standing Giraffes

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Exhibited at an art exhibition in Vancouver proving that environmental pollution can be transformed into something beautiful, and awe-inspiring.

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Maker Details

year we aim to recycle over 1 Million flip flops which if left uncollected
would rain havoc on our marine life.

We have a custom art sculptures catalogue, we
have made for a few of our clients – The Discovery Channel, McKee
Botanical Garden, Moet Hennessy, Chameleon tours, and a Honda dealership.
These are just a few examples that you may be interested in to get an idea
of the products we offer and our capabilities when it comes to design. 

We produce flip flop
sculptures made from recycled flip flop waste collected from the beaches and
waterways. Our design team can design with specific colours,
logo placements, unique artwork, patterns,

We would love to get on a call with you to share more about how we could
produce something unique for you.