Watercolour Paintings

Project Details

"Rabbit" is a complex watercolour & gouache painting. The watercolours used were Schmincke Horadam, the paper high quality watercolour paper with grain. The piece was no commission, but a project I wanted to do. It was finished within several hours over the course of three days. A piece like this would cost roughly £450+/-

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"Inari Shrine" was another private project, created over the course of several hours within one day. The mediums used were Schmincke Horadam watercolour, and grained watercolour paper. This piece would be about £230+/-

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"Tea Set" is a simpler, almost impressionistic piece I painted on a beautiful summer day in Germany. It was part of my Sketchbook, and the colours used were a travel watercolour set by Schmincke, as well as a fineliner. A piece like this would be roughly £75+/-

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"Ginger Cat" is a painting based on a real life encounter on a hike along John Muir Way in Scotland. This piece is part of my 2021 sketchbook and was finished within several hours in one day. The colours were Schmincke Horadam. This piece would be roughly £180+/-

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Maker Details

After many years, I found my love for watercolour painting. It was a long way since the medium didn’t seem to be my thing in the beginning. But as time passed, the craft grew on me. Today I am proud of the art I produce, and I’m happy to call myself an artist. 

I grew up in Germany and only recently moved to the United Kingdom, to beautiful Edinburgh. This picturesque place allowed me to grow as an artist, and to give something beautiful back.