Watercolour Portraits

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The transparency of watercolor, its fluidity and subtle colors help me to feel the matter of the human being. Its properties allowed me to emphasize, in a certain way, a spiritual warmth, nostalgic memory and forgotten tradition.

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Human portraits should always be about the soul and mind. Thoughtful model is the key to an expressive portrait. From this point of view, watercolor is the most suitable, vibrant and intelligent artistic means.

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Time flows like water, transparent and almost invisible. We listen to noble silence. Female profile weaved in watercolour reveal us the simplicity and complexity of art s aims.

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The feminine tenderness is a mystery, it is hard to hide and difficult to reveal, it seems to have something in common with flowers and ocean. Soft watercolors lead us to light meditation on life and beauty.

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Hi, my name is Pavel, I am currently studying a bachelor of arts at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts.

Field of interest watercolour, drawing and sculpture.