Romantic Portrait Commission Of Couple In A Bar

Romantic portrait commission of couple in a bar


This client wanted to commission a small painting of a couple on a date to give as a XMas gift to her boyfriend. She sent over photos of herself and her partner in addition to some illustrations that she liked.

The composition wanted was a romantic scene of a couple in love in a bar by a table facing each other. The client was adamant she wanted to be able to see enough detail from the work, such as being able to recognise a bottle of “Monkey 47” gin and the work to have a romantic feel about it.

The client also had a detailed list of everything she wanted in the painting from what was worn to the finest detail. All of this was accomplished for her even though we were working to a very small budget. 

We initially suggested she have a look through some of our artists portfolio examples under our paintings from photos section, in the end we shortlisted an artist not shown on the website. Many artists don’t create a profile on our website although we have a very large database of thousands of potentially suitable artists many who are too busy to create a portfolio or are averse towards technology.  

We then sent her a link to our choosing your medium for your commission, this helped her to narrow down a watercolour or digital painting. 

Due to the limited budget and timeframe, we offered the client a couple of options:

Option 1 : Watercolour on Art paper – Positing her the painting on art paper and for her to place it into a frame.

Option 2 : Digital painting – The painting produced digitally and her arranging to have it printed onto a canvas.

The client was rather apprehensive initially and it took over a month of ping pong messaging between us and her before she made the commitment to appoint us to commission this peace.

We did explain we take payment via Pay Pal who offers buyers full protection, and then we transfer 50% of the payment to the artist/maker on receipt of client’s payment. The maker will provide at least two photographs of the work in progress: (A) at the initial pencil outline stage and half an additional photo at the approximate half way stage, including a summary of how the finished works will be created, this is for the client’s reference and gives an opportunity to feedback any requests. (B) the finished works prior to shipping. The maker will accommodate reasonable change requests without charge. 

In this case, we provided the client with 4 updates and changes to the commission.

Although we did not have any photos of the couple together and the painting was very small, the client was delighted with the results.

Romantic Portrait Commission Of Couple In A Bar

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