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The corporate Mural Art & Graffiti takeover


Mural Art & GraffitiThe world of Mural Art & Graffiti is powerful & transforming. Mural Art & Graffiti has the ability to connect with people outside in their space on their terms in unique ways that many brands are now capitalizing on.

It’s not always been this way of course; it wasn’t that long ago that Mural Art & Graffiti was intertwined with anti-social behaviour (and some still is) and seen as a scourge on society by at least some people. Now as soon as you get out of London Shoreditch’s Underground station to find yourself blasted with beautiful powerful murals from a wide range of leading brands all using this new medium as their means of choice to connect with audiences in new ways.

The world of mural art is growing rapidly, as such you will find numerous mural artists and many clients looking to Hire Mural Artists for commercial and individual projects.

Not only are brands and organizations embracing Mural Art & Graffiti, so are consumers. Instead of just using solid paint or wallpaper, you can always opt for a Mural Art & Graffiti painting for your home including your garden wall. If you wish to go for an offbeat and unique stunning look. Your space can become an extension of your personality. Even small business owners have the option to urban up their office, restaurant, car park space to transform drab decaying areas almost overnight. Such transformative spaces can bring measurable returns on investment with people’s mental health and general well being.

There are many considerations to think about when commissioning a piece or Mural Art or Graffiti.  The first challenge is to find the best most experienced artist in your budget who might be available for your project. Then its deciding what materials, mediums you would like the project to use from spray paint to mixed media and hand painting. Then the logistics of getting access to the space, are they fully insured? are they IPAF trained to operate mobile elevated work platforms? What about the weather conditions, having a fall back artist to take up the project if your planned artist becomes I’ll that are available on short notice is a good idea especially when you consider the cost of having to book hire equipment and deadlines you might have for an event.

This is why many corporate and commercial clients prefer to use a specialist art commissioning company like Commission it who can manage the entire process for them greatly increasing the likelihood of a successful mural commission and making their deadlines. They don’t just find and put you in contact with the artist, they manage the entire process with you. Not only that but uniquely, Commission it also benefits society as they give 51% of their profits to support society.

On the Commission it platform, clients can view many example Mural projects used my its registered Mural Artists for a wide range of projects including  custom clothing, advertising backdrops, pop up events, children’s bedrooms, yoga studios, events, homes, restaurants, spas, leisure centres, private clubs with many works inspired by nature and geometry. With many of their artists creating Murals for the likes of Nike, Converse, IKEA, Channel 4, BBC Earth, RSPB, BSPB & the Gadget Show clients know they are in safe hands.

For those corporate organizations who take their CSR more seriously, their artists also have experience in running corporate workshops that involve people in the design process and the painting of their mural done in a completely non-competitive morale-boosting way. They can also help organise and implement CSR painting activities for community-based projects.

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