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The Joy of Designing and Making Your Own Bespoke Furniture


Every space is unique just like each one of us is unique. We all have needs for a space that are particular to our way of life, the way we live or how the space will be used.


So why is it then that most of us end up compromising on price, functionality or looks?


There are many reasons we end up just going online to a fee typical furniture websites or visiting a few furniture stores.


Apart from the obvious reasons like budget or needing something quickly there are some deeper less obvious subconscious reasons. First of all, we are all programmed to be good little shoppers. We've had over half a century of advertising blasted at us that we've partly forgotten to think for ourselves. 

Let's be honest with ourselves, one of the other reasons we just shop instead of thinking through how the furniture will work with our habits and lifestyle is we are quite lazy and assume trying to design and make our own bespoke furniture would be far too expensive or just too much hard work.


There are so many advantages of designing and making your own unique bespoke furniture that most people would not be aware of until they have had the experience of commissioning something successfully.


There is no better feeling than getting an idea from your mind into paper. Let's take the example of a garden space idea. So we had a small space at the back of a London garden, the idea was to create a room with a roof to house a table football that would first fit in the space and second look great.


This particular garden had a lot of bamboo and waterfall, so the idea of some kind of pagoda came to mind. After searching online for ideas and not finding anything available, we drew out a simple sketch of what would work based on the size available, the curvy style to give a Japanese feel and the materials available in the UK.    

How it works

After coming up with this idea, it was then a case to turn that drawing into a 3D design that would be modeled and assembled using software to work out how it could all fit together and create the design and materials list with sizes.


Working with Commission it who can take you along the entire process is not only exciting but get you completely involved with the entire process.

You start to understand the fabrication process and help avoid ever having any post-shopping anxiety.

Bespoke furniture CAD
Bespoke furniture

You can then end up with a garden pagoda in this case that would not fit the space more perfectly or look fantastic. When you understand how something is made and more importantly become part of that process, it becomes exciting and you become part of that process.

It's a difference between 3 clicks on a mouse and then just waiting for the shop to get your furniture made for you to you becoming the designer and co producer of your own work. You're continuously looking forward to the next step of the process and when you get the project you will love it as it becomes part of you!


The other huge benefit is you end up working with a local carpenter in this case, using local materials. So you know you're benefiting the local economy and not helping to fund the illegal logging trade. You also know your furniture was not shipped thousands of miles across the ocean to reach you so you've reduced your carbon footprint. 

Commission it example bespoke furniture commissions available right now:


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