Flexible Gift Voucher for Art, Furniture to 3D Printed Gifts


A truly bespoke gift is the ultimate thoughtful thoughtful present for any occasion. What better way to show someone you really care than presenting them with a gift voucher that enables them to get anything they might want or need made or designed exclusively for them.

When time is against you and you need to find that perfect gift but did not get round to planning to order that unique gift, simply purchase a gift voucher from Commissionit, uniquely offering the ability to get anything you want uniquely designed and hand crafted or digitally produced by a 3D printer.

Choose from over 20 main categories from varying budgets starting from £25 to £500 covering the likes of a portrait of a favorite family member, a pet to a sculpture, drawings and designs, upcycled furniture, jewellery to pretty much anything you can think of. View examples from over 1,000 different projects our artists have produced by viewing their portfolios.