Custom watercolours & inks portrait

Project Details

Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones, A4 watercolours and inks portrait. A similar commission will be £150.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger A3 watercolours portrait. I charge £200 for a similar commission.

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Wrestler, A2 watercolour and inks painting. I charge £300 for a similar commission.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, Aceo miniature sketch card, watercolour painting on paper. I charge £40 for a similar size commission.

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Maker Details

I am an italian artist based in the UK. I have always loved Art in any of its forms. This interest was cultivated during my teenage years and further developed when I decided to take my Bachelor Degree in Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and my Master’s Degree in Printmaking a few years later.

I took part in a few collective Printmaking exhibitions in Naples, like “Invenit” in Castel Dell’Ovo in Naples.

Having grown up in a very vibrant and busy environment I soon developed a painting style that reflected that lively and dynamic atmosphere. This style is also influenced by artists like Cezanne and Mondrian, to whom I looked at during my studies.

After my studies I worked as a Fine Art Restorer in Italy for several years.
That experience was very important because I had the opportunity to work very closely to old masters’ artwork and learn straight from them.

I then started painting in a more traditional way, using skills and techniques learned during the restoration experience.

I then decided to move to London to experience a new and different environment and face new challenges that inspired my latest work.

My artwork is mainly inspired by my everyday life. I like to capture the beauty on an ordinary day or life experience and emphasise it. I have always been very interested in mark-making. I also like to work with textures created by blending and cross-hatching different colours and media.