Oil Painting Of Old Women

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Detail: Interior with Women

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Women at a table

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Detail: Women at a table

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Interior with Women

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Themes of progression of the treatment, representation and eventual destruction of the human form are reflected in the figurative works such as shown here.  The disintegration of flesh, form and features caused by age ‘Women’. the abstraction and destruction of faces, limbs and bodies through death ‘Bodies’ the movement, distortion and fragmentation of features and faces over time  in the ‘Heads’ series

By using different types of materials in these works, the subject of the work becomes part of the work itself. The work therefore is not only a representation of the subject, it is created of the subject. This heightens the authenticity and impact of these works, the viewer becomes immersed and part of the painting itself.

 On paint and brushstrokes

The powerful effect layering paint has on a flat surface to create a three dimensional form is most evident and was originated in in the ‘Women’ series. This effect seeks to create a monumental, forceful and heavy weight to the form of the Women as they extend out of the painting, their flesh, clothes, hair, skin and features given depth and life through the thick layering of paint, usage of different and varied painting and brush stroke styles and incorporation of materials such as cloth in the work.


In these works the viewer decides what the meaning or the story is in each image. The works do not have descriptive titles or a backstory. It is up to the viewer to interpret what they see. Equally, the subjects of the work are anonymous, the women in the ‘Women’ series are not real people. They are  simply old women working together in rooms, isolated from one another, performing mundane and repetitive tasks for little to no purpose.

Themes of anonymity and isolation present and reoccur often throughout the series and the work, as do themes concerning the banality and simplicity of everyday life, the vibrancy, joy and colour of nature as seen in sunlight and
the frailty and beauty of the human form, rendered in character by the very act of its disintegration and fragmentation over time and the inevitability of its complete destruction in death.

 Works by London based artist