Abstract Galaxy Paintings

Project Details

Walk amongst the stars and dream big with 'Nebula Haze'. Acrylic painting on round canvas, 24 inch diameter.

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Sink into moody purples, blues, and greens, for an enchanting evening you'll never forget with 'Technicolour Vision. Acrylic painting on round canvas, 24 inches diameter.

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What shall we do next? Where shall we go? Let universe guide you path with 'Kaleidoscope'. Acrylic painting on oval canvas. Height: 16 inches, Width: 12 inches.

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Where does green end and pink begin? Soothe your soul with soft colour transitions in 'Stardust'. Acrylic painting on round canvas, 12 inches diameter.

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Maker Details

My name is Emily Curtis. My love of painting began as a child when I was mesmerised by the colours in the fields surrounding my home. I followed this passion into adulthood, gaining a Fine Art Foundation Diploma from the University of Arts London. Since then, my art has been displayed magazines such as ‘World of Interiors’ and exhibited in New York and London.

Using seamless blending, my work shows an instant in time captured on canvas, prolonging the moments that often feel too fleeting in everyday life. The romantic aspect of my work encourages the imagination of the viewer to go beyond the physical reality of the work and immerse themselves in the scene.

I am happy to work from your photos to capture the magic of any scene and transport it into a painting that can be proudly displayed in any home.

Alternatively, we can collaborate. Starting with a mood board and a consultation, we can work together to develop your ideas into a unique painting that fits your style and personality.

Get lost amongst the stars with a dreamy abstract galaxy. Let your imagination run wild in a limitless world.