Mandal art – circular drawing and painting

Project Details

"Mother Earth" - artist pens on paper - 20x30cm

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"here and now" - brush pens on paper - 20x30cm

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"New path" - acrylic pens and brush pens - 32x40cm

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"harmonious vibrations" - acrylics on paper - 32x40cm

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Maker Details

My name is Monika, I am an artist, author, spiritual coach, and I work with zen brushwork, drawing and
illustration and origami art. Mandala drawing, has been part of my creative journey for a long time but I have deeply rediscovered it recently and I would like to share it with you. I came across the tradition of Mandala while studying Asian art at the university and I have been inspired by it ever since. I moved to a more creative and personal approach to reflect and explore its representation and symbolism.

This series is a representation of a personal spiritual and creative journey. the circle is part of my research and practice. A line that continues, a line that moves and never ends. I have explored sacred geometry for a long
time taking me to the mandala world but not in the traditional sense. I see the circle as a sacred space where I can contain all my thought and feelings without limiting myself and feeling connected. These works are all created by
starting from the centre and the lines and forms expand toward the edges and move, transform, create vibration. They are all inspired by nature and natural elements and the energy surrounding them.