Watercolour/Pastel Portraits

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Watercolor painting on paper for one of my friends baby. 10.5X7 cm £160 21X14 Inches £200

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Watercolor paintings on paper A4 £ 150 for one person.

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Pastel painting on paper for a 3 people family that I met in Melbourne. I took a photo for them and drew this painting 15X21 cm £200 for there people.

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Pastel paintings on paper 15X21 cm £160 for one person.

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Maker Details

Hi, I am Karen, a recent graduate from the University of the Arts London. I have focused on portrait painting for 4 years, and also been trained by proficient artist before I came to London. Drawing a beautiful portrait is always an enjoyable thing for me, because a vivid portrait painting is always a perfect gift for friends and family members.

All my drawings are hand drawn which are based on a photo. My aim is to create drawings with both realistic features of the model, and artistic aesthetics.

Recent Child Portrait Commission

Child portrait commission

Recent Pet Portrait of some bunnies

Pet Portraits Bunnies

We love to create any kind of paintings. Why not send us a photo of the item you would like painted and the size? We can then come back with some recommendations.