Watercolour/Pastel Portraits

Project Details

Watercolor painting on paper for one of my friends baby. 10.5X7 cm £85 21X14 Inches £140

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Watercolor paintings on paper A4 £ 110 for one person.

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Pastel painting on paper for a 3 people family that I met in Melbourne. I took a photo for them and drew this painting 15X21 cm £150 for there people.

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Pastel paintings on paper 15X21 cm £80 for one person.

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Maker Details

Hi, I am Karen. I am an international student from University of the Arts London. I have focused on portrait painting for 2 years, and also been trained by proficient artist before I came to London. Drawing a beautiful portrait is always an enjoyable thing for me, because a vivid portrait painting is always a perfect gift for friends and family members.

All my drawings are hand drawn which are based on a photo. My aim is to create drawings with both realistic features of the model, and artistic aesthetics.

We love to create any kind of paintings. Why not send us a photo of the item you would like painted and the size? We can then come back with some recommendations.